Perfectly Alone ⚰️

TW: suicide, self-harm. We hope and believe that things won’t always be this way. It will get better and you will find your place in the world. You matter and the world needs you. You make this world a better place simply by being in it. I know these words have provided light and comfort…Continue reading »

Stop SIM ⚠

NO COPS IN CRISIS CARE.⁣⁣The rollout and delivery of High Intensity Network’s SIM model needs to be stopped. It criminalises mental illness, it’s coercive, and harmful.⁣⁣SIM targets those with ‘complex needs’ and ‘PD’ diagnosis. I am terrified because I ‘fit’ their criteria. It means I could be threatened with arrest for being suicidal/SH and prevented…Continue reading »

In Blissful Ignorance 🌥

People are so unaware and uneducated about the reality of mental health care. Truth is mental health care is either non-existent or further damaging/traumatic. People living with mental illness are ignored, shamed, and many of us have been suffering for years. Having a chronic mental illness and/or being neurodivergent makes the pain even worse. We…Continue reading »

#TDOV2021 🏳‍⚧💛

A short post for trans people all over the world. The 31st of March is International Transgender Day of Visibility. There is little representation of South Asian trans people. Sabah Choudrey has spoken about being South Asian and Muslim, and how these parts of their identity are connected to being trans. I am very self-conscious…Continue reading »

Bucket List ⏳

TW: suicidal ideation. This post is exactly what you think it is no introduction needed. I should be working on that post about how help doesn’t exist but every time I even think about it, I am filled with rage. However, it’s one of the more important things and I definitely need to (and want…Continue reading »

The Little Things 🌿

As much as I hate people, I also love people. It’s because of many beautiful and amazing people that I have made it this far in life. People who help others out of the kindness of their heart, not just because it’s a job. Genuine people. Real people. I don’t write about this because I…Continue reading »

A Lifelong Project 🎲

TW: suicidal ideation. I debated hard whether I should post this or not. It’s my most raw piece of writing, it may be hard to read. Please do NOT continue reading if suicide is a difficult topic for you. *Please note this is my personal experience.* Suicidal ideation is the one friend I can count…Continue reading »

Writing Right ✍🏽

There is so much going on in my mind, I could write about several different topics but I’m having a tough time. As loud as it is inside my head, on the outside it is absolute silence. I can’t find the words. Every time I feel I have my thoughts a little bit sorted I…Continue reading »

Growth or Destruction 🥀

TW: suicidal ideation. CW: COVID. How much longer do I keep going? My hopes are repeatedly crushed, there is little remaining. I try to make positive changes but there is only so much I can do and now each passing day I feel myself gasping for breath. I’ve lost all my energy. Nothing is helping,…Continue reading »

Not an illusion 💭

Social media is a highlight reel; it’s not the full picture. That is true, and I understand the importance of talking about this because social media has/is negatively impacting people. From comparisons in looks and fitness, to vacations and careers, it feeds insecurity. People doubt themselves assuming they are not enough — not pretty enough,…Continue reading »

Unexpected Kindness 🍀

Today is World Kindness Day 2020. Unfortunately much of my writing is about negative experiences, that’s just my life. Today is about kindness and I want to share a positive experience to reflect that. An experience that made me believe not all bad is bad, and there is still hope for good. Secondary school (or…Continue reading »

I can’t swim 🤿

Despite the fact that I had swimming lessons in school I could never get the hang of it so it’s 101% true, I can’t swim! This post isn’t about my swimming skills though, well, not literally. I wanted to write a bit about the back story to the name of this blog and how it…Continue reading »

Losing my worth 💔

TW: suicidal ideation. I recently lost my job, partly due to ill health, but also because I discovered it wasn’t the path I wanted to be on. Sounds reasonable, right? Maybe I got the wrong timing, leaving a stable job in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and economic crisis doesn’t sound very smart. Was…Continue reading »

Hello 👋🏽

Words are hard. Small talk is difficult. Conversations can be overwhelming. I either talk very little, or too much. No, I definitely talk too much, for the past few months I surely have. I guess you can say I am finally finding my ‘voice’, and you bet I have years worth of unpacking to do. Almost…Continue reading »