A personal blog of my experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Please note a [trigger warning] and/or a [content warning] on certain posts.

The quote above is one of my favourite quotes. I am an open person, honest and sensitive. My vulnerability has been shamed, my voice has been silenced. For a long time I viewed my vulnerability as bad, as something I needed to change; I believed it made me weak. But what’s wrong with being weak? It’s human. It is okay. True strength includes weakness and this quote is a reminder of that.

I like writing and I like talking about deep thoughts. This is a space to share my story. Writing is helpful. I learn, I understand, I grow.

Hi, I’m Sahil.

Everything I write is based on my personal lived experiences and thoughts.

I write about mental illness and mental health (YES they are different).

Borderline Personality Disorder, Complex PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, OCD. Also writing about the effects of being autistic, trans, and coming from a South Asian culture has had on my mental health and life.