A personal blog of my experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Please note a [trigger warning] and/or a [content warning] on certain posts.

The quote above is one of my favourite quotes. I am an open person, honest and sensitive. My vulnerability has been shamed, my voice has been silenced. For a long time I viewed my vulnerability as bad, as something I needed to change; I believed it made me weak. But what’s wrong with being weak? It’s human. It is okay. True strength includes weakness and this quote is a reminder of that.

I like writing and I like talking about deep thoughts. This is a space to share my story. Writing is helpful. I learn, I understand, I grow.

Hi, I’m Sahil.

Everything I write is based on my personal lived experiences and thoughts.

I write about mental illness and mental health (YES they are different).

Borderline Personality Disorder (I don’t agree with this diagnosis or the PD construct itself #PDInTheBin), Complex PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders. Also writing about the effects of being autistic, trans, and coming from a South Asian culture has had on my mental health and life.